So This Will Cost How Much?

Marsha Baylor

Marsha is a Kansas City Newborn Photographer specializing in the creation of fine art pieces capturing the fleeting moments of babies' first year.

What is it that prevents you from having quality portraiture of your loved ones? My guess is it’s the cost.  Why else would you not want these timeless treasures throughout your home? It’s funny how we think nothing of little daily costs, that really add up over time (I’m looking at you, oat milk matcha latte), but leave us with nothing lasting, but balk at the thought of large expenses! Even when they provide a lifetime of enjoyment! When you look at your children, it’s so easy to think they will look like this forever. You often think, “I couldn’t possibly forget how cute they are at this stage!” But believe it or not, no sooner is the next stage passed, but you realize they already look and act so different, and you can’t quite put your finger on how they’ve changed and what they were like before!

When I was growing up in Kansas City, I didn’t know anyone who had portraits done by professional photographers. If you had portraits done, they were from JC Penny, posed awkwardly against a “neutral” backdrop. And everyone else got snapshots taken by parents, where you were looking into the sun, or maybe just got over crying because you didn’t want your picture taken! While these photos still have family stories behind them, they were often the source of embarrassment (in your teens at least), and were far from what we would consider your best moment. They were photos, but they weren’t art.  M Baylor Imagery provides art. Art that has a family story. Art that captures a fleeting moment. Art that shows you or your child in a “best” moment, or cutest moment, preserved forever!

So when we talk price, we can’t use the photo you snap on your phone and print for a few dollars as comparison. Those photos have a place, but they don’t speak to the sense of creating a story that professional photography can do. Art is something you’d display proudly on your wall, even if it wasn’t your own precious baby featured in the shot! Marrying the idea of art for the sake of beauty, with the face of those you love the most, is the best of both worlds!

Ok then, what are you getting for the money? With professional photography, you are paying not just for the portrait photographer’s time to take the photos, but for the years of experience knowing what makes for a good portrait. For the years pursuing a degree, and the extended and continual education keeping up to date on new techniques, and ways to improve the client’s experience. For the time and thought put into creating a studio setting that takes so many little details into consideration. For the thoughtful collection of props, and scouting locations. For editing the photos before presenting them to the client. Editing alone takes skill that can make all the difference in the feel of the final outcome.  For recommendations on sizing and framing, and where to hang your finished art piece. This complete skill set is what raises “photos” to the level of art and what separates a premier photographer from an everyday photographer.

Now to the nitty gritty. What exactly will it cost you to capture that amazing mama moment before your baby is earthside? Or that sleepy half-smile on your newborn’s gorgeous baby face? Our newborn photography packages start at $760 and include 8 museum quality prints. If you’re the expectant mother, consider our Pampered Mama package which includes hair and makeup for a day of fun self-care while making memories! We can work in the studio or shoot outdoors at any number of locations in the KC metro area. Bring your examples and dreams for the final product, or let us walk you through some ideas that might catch your fancy. Whatever you are looking for, even senior photos, we can make it a reality together.

If you are still on the fence, call us! The first phone consultation is free and fun!  And of course, there is no commitment required.  There is also a second in-person consultation to work out details for the photo shoot, at which point you can decide to schedule the photo shoot and select your package.  Both consultations allow each of us to determine if there is a good fit between us. I hope it is and I look forward to meeting you!  My studio is conveniently located at 306 N. Main Street in Parkville.

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