Senior Class of 2022

Marsha Baylor

Marsha is a Kansas City Newborn Photographer specializing in the creation of fine art pieces capturing the fleeting moments of babies' first year.

Here’s to your year

High school is a major time of growth. It’s a time to figure things out and become a little bit more of the person we might become in the future. Senior year is especially exciting because it’s an end to childhood and the beginning of the rest of your life. The last couple years haven’t been ideal for seniors. The pandemic has made the last year of school more difficult and less iconic. Less memorable. It’s not fair and I’m sorry that so many of our kids have missed out on making the memories and I know would have been made.

My hope for the class of 2022 is that things are back to some semblance of normalcy. So, in honor of this class, I am offering a new opportunity. I’m excited to announce my Senior Ambassador program to 10 lucky seniors!

This program will give seniors the opportunity to have an amazing, one of a kind senior photography session with me. It includes a pretty sweet t-shirt and free stuff! You’ll have the chance to earn more complementary sessions with me. You’ll get free prints and products. It’s basically the best thing ever in the photography world! The catch; all you have to do is talk to your friends about your session with me.

These senior photography sessions will be completely customized to each senior I work with. You want props, we’ll do props. You want to go to the zoo? Let’s do it. You want a rockin’ urban theme? West bottoms, here we come. These sessions will exude the personality of each senior. I want to make these memorable to everyone that participates and will do my best to accommodate most requests.

So How do you sign up to be an ambassador? Easy? Click HERE and then click “book a session” and let’s chat!

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