Newborn Photography

Your family dynamic changes almost instantly when you have a baby. You start dreaming about that precious little person inside you from the moment you see that positive test result. You think about their nose and their tiny toes. You plan every single aspect; from where you’ll have birth to the first birthday party theme. Having a baby brings so much joy to a family and that should be captured.

About Our Newborn Photography Session

As a mother of two, I know first hand how important it is to photograph your babies on a regular basis, starting with the newborn session. This will be a one of a kind experience that you’ll remember forever. I typically like to have newborns come in within the first two weeks of bringing them home from the hospital. We will plan out your session at the consultation, usually prior to giving birth,  so you’ll never have to wonder what happens next. I provide everything we will need to make beautiful images, except the baby of course! I have a number of wraps and outfits for you to choose from and keep strict standards on the cleanliness of my space and items. The session will typically last between 2 and 3 hours, depending on the baby. I give ample time for this session to accommodate for extra feedings, diaper changes, and time to get baby sleepy. 

Newborn sessions are so fun because not only do I get to cuddle a tiny new baby, but I get to pamper mom as well. With the session, mom will have the opportunity to have her hair and makeup done by a professional artist. This is an extra that I provide with an up charge to your session fee. Just imagine, you’ve been home from the hospital less than 2 weeks. You’ve barely slept and you haven’t been to a salon in months. Rest assured that your baby is in safe hands while you get your hair and makeup done in time for your family photos with your new baby.

Session Snapshot

  • Your session will typically take place within the first two weeks of coming home. 
  • The session will take between 2 and 3 hours. Mini sessions are not available for this type of session. 
  • Newborn sessions take time and patience. Please don’t get upset or apologize if your baby doesn’t take to being the world’s newest model right away. IT’S OKAY! We will get through it and it will be amazing!
  • I only schedule one newborn session per day to make sure I’m giving my all to capturing your little person and their budding personality. 
  • The Pampered Mama Package is available for an additional fee (and is totally worth it!)
  • First year packages are available and encouraged!

Newborn Photography Portfolio