The Desits Family

Marsha Baylor

Marsha is a Kansas City Newborn Photographer specializing in the creation of fine art pieces capturing the fleeting moments of babies' first year.

When I showed up at Burns Family Farm to photograph this awesome family photography session, I was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful the farm was. My assistant and I were welcomed in to the home where we met the Desits family. They were immediately warm and inviting. We made introductions and then went outside. The farm was a huge and had an amazing old barn with a giant American Flag painted on the side. The day was chilly and very windy which posed a bit of trouble with fly away hair. Thanks to a bit of luck and some editing in Photoshop, I was able to tame the hair and get some beautiful shots.

We took images including group family, core family, couples and then the obligatory horse in the background shots. I had so much fun with this family. They were kind and full of life. They gave me great smiles and I could feel the love they had for one another.

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