Celebrating the Little Steps and Big Steps!

Newborn Photography-Newborn Portraits - Milestones Package - Kansas City Newborn Photographer

Every little thing your baby does feels amazing, doesn’t it! And in the first year, there are so many amazing firsts! It almost seems like there’s a new skill around every corner, from first smiles, to rolling over. As a newborn photographer, I love capturing these big changes in tiny people with my 1st Year […]

Mommy-preneur Life

Mother and baby giving love while posing for family photos

Having your own business, doing what you love… is basically the American Dream! Sure it comes with it’s own set of problems that you don’t find in the 9 to 5 rat race: most of which you are entirely unprepared for as you jump in with both feet! As a small business owner AND a […]

Senior Portraits to Write Home About!

Senior Photos-Kansas City Photographer-Senior Portraits-Portrait Photographer- Seniors 2022

Congratulations Kansas City Seniors! Another school year has come and gone (although, admittedly, the strangest school year ever), and with it, the current crop of recent graduates making their way out into the world! Enter, the new Seniors. Class of 2022, it’s not too soon to start thinking about some one-on-one time with your favorite […]

So This Will Cost How Much?

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What is it that prevents you from having quality portraiture of your loved ones? My guess is it’s the cost.  Why else would you not want these timeless treasures throughout your home? It’s funny how we think nothing of little daily costs, that really add up over time (I’m looking at you, oat milk matcha […]

The Desits Family

large family art above fireplace

When I showed up at Burns Family Farm to photograph this awesome family photography session, I was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful the farm was. My assistant and I were welcomed in to the home where we met the Desits family. They were immediately warm and inviting. We made introductions and then went outside. The […]

Senior Class of 2022

Here’s to your year High school is a major time of growth. It’s a time to figure things out and become a little bit more of the person we might become in the future. Senior year is especially exciting because it’s an end to childhood and the beginning of the rest of your life. The […]

Light and Photography

Without it, there wouldn’t be photography Ever wonder why your photographer always asks to do outdoor sessions in the evening time? It’s not a scheduling thing normally. It all has to do with that giant orb of light floating in the sky. The sun can be the most helpful thing or it can be a […]

My weekend in Maryville, MO

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A story about old friends growing old together I have, for the most part, had the same people in my life for as long as I can remember. I am blessed beyond reason to have a close knit group of friends who have become my family. Some I don’t get to see as much as […]

Sugar and Spice

First birthday cake smash- baby fist full of cake

A Wall of Nice There are certain things about photography that I love more than others. The sessions are a no brainer, but you wouldn’t believe that I am not super interested in doing things like marketing or blogging (gasp!). I do them because I have to build my business. I want to continue bringing […]

Why I love what I do

The real reasons I do what I do I love what I do. I look forward to waking up every day and knowing that I get to capture beautiful memories for my clients and then create one of a kind art from our session. Below are just some of the many reasons I wouldn’t change […]