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Learn the story behind why we love helping you capture your family moments with pride.

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Why do I believe in displaying your family with pride?

When I was a child, professional photos were not that important to my parents. I have an album from when I was young, but nothing past the age of about 6 and none of them were professionally taken. My mom always bought school photos, but when devastation hit my family, we lost everything except that album. I cherish that album, but so desperately wish that I had more – of myself and my family. 

In 2004, my mom had a family photo done of me, my sisters,  and her. She purchased a small package and I got a 5×7 of us all. It is still framed on my wall today. My mom passed away a little over a year after that photo was taken. Because it is the only family photo I have, it is my most prized possession. 

Since then, I have made it my mission to educate my clients on the value of getting photos done and often. I make it a point to create beautiful pieces of art that I know my clients will love and gush about for a lifetime. 

I pride myself on the education I’ve attained in the field of photography – this isn’t just a hobby, it is truly a passion and form of art I actively pursue and continually refine.

  • I have a Bachelor’s degree in fine art with an emphasis in Photography.
  • Annually I pursue continuing education courses to stay up to date on trends, techniques, and technology influencing the creative photography profession.

    Including such things as: 
    – Safety and posing for babies
    – Artistic editing to make my sessions stand out 
    – Techniques to make our sessions natural and engaging

I am always growing and learning so I can get better day by day.