It’s the simple things that make life so rich. Let’s capture those together.

It’s the simple things that make life so rich.

Let’s capture those together.

Kansas City Newborn Photographer

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The moment your precious new baby comes into the world, life takes on a whole new meaning. Your baby becomes the center of your universe. Those tiny fingers and toes will only stay tiny for so long and it’s so important to capture those memories. Let’s capture those memories together.

As a newborn through first birthday photographer, I work with new parents and veteran parents alike to create a story about the first year of their babies life! I never want my clients to ask the question, “When did my baby grow up?”

From newborn photography sessions to first birthdays and beyond – I aim my camera to capture the simple things that make having a baby so precious.

every stage of your babies first year

by Kansas City's Premiere Newborn Photographer

Celebrating life, family, and love through the power of art

Picture this. You’re at home and you’re cooking dinner. You look up and the first thing you see is an image of your precious one when they were a newborn. Look at those little feet! You realize that your baby is growing up and you’re hit with nostalgia and gratefulness that you captured those memories. 

Babies change so much within the first year. This is why I am happy to offer full first year milestone packages. When you go to buy a new piece of art or décor for your home, you base the purchase on whether or not you make an emotional connection with it. The piece makes your heart sing and brings a smile to your face. Wouldn’t it make the most sense to invest in celebrating and displaying the little one you love the very most in life?  I create beautiful artwork, to display in your home, of your precious baby that will be cherished for generations to come.


You're little growing inside has a great adventure to begin soon.


Days make a difference in their looks and expressions.

first year

Their personalities are starting to flourish - let them shine!


Don't let their fast pace speed by too quickly.

Why do I believe in displaying your family with pride?

When I was a child, professional photos were not that important to my parents. I have an album from when I was young, but nothing past the age of about 6 and none of them were professionally taken. My mom always bought school photos, but when devastation hit my family, we lost everything except that album. I cherish that album, but so desperately wish that I had more – of myself and my family. 

In 2004, my mom had a family photo done of me, my sisters,  and her. She purchased a small package and I got a 5×7 of us all. It is still framed on my wall today. My mom passed away a little over a year after that photo was taken. Because it is the only family photo I have, it is my most prized possession. 

Since then, I have made it my mission to educate my clients on the value of getting photos done and often. I make it a point to create beautiful pieces of art that I know my clients will love and gush about for a lifetime. 

I pride myself on the education I’ve attained in the field of photography – this isn’t just a hobby, it is truly a passion and form of art I actively pursue and continually refine.

  • I have a Bachelor’s degree in fine art with an emphasis in Photography.
  • Annually I pursue continuing education courses to stay up to date on trends, techniques, and technology influencing the creative photography profession.

    Including such things as: 
    – Safety and posing for babies
    – Artistic editing to make my sessions stand out 
    – Techniques to make our sessions natural and engaging

I am always growing and learning so I can get better day by day. I have also been trained in CPR from newborn through adult.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the safety and well being of my clients and myself is top priority. To keep everyone safe and healthy, outside props and extra outfits will not be admitted into the studio unless dropped off 72 hours prior to our session. This will ensure that I can keep the sanitation of my space clean and up to CDC standards